In Memorium Jazz Supporter Robert Hadsell

It is with deep sorrow that my friend and supporter of

all things music has passed away.

Did you know…Robert (Bob) Hadsell held a BA in Chemistry from Cornell College and a PHD in Physical Chemistry from Northwestern. Yes, he was very smart and analytical. After a long career in the science field (he also could do html coding), Bob retired and found us …THE DALLAS JAZZ COMMUNITY. His photo taking at gigs and meeting musicians gave him a new lease on life and a bit of our collective jazz supporter fame!

Bob loved RESEARCHING the history behind The Great American Songbook, all things showy & musical. From Broadway and its beginning to the musicians, singers and dancers who performed, he would delve in for facts. He was INTRIGUED with tap dancers or any other form of performing that could enhance and add a spark to a jazz show. He loved uniqueness & even some kitsch!

The stage area was something he focused on. He was OBSESSED about LIGHTING and that the performance area be properly lighted for the singers and musicians. Many venue owners were taken back by his coming forward to discuss this with them but, many, took what he was saying to heart!

Bob became the unofficial PHOTOGRAPHER and helped promote all Dallas Jazz Musicians by taking photos at their gigs and posting to his Facebook page.

I know personally that not only myself, but the jazz community as a whole and his other his musical friends will miss seeing Bob at their gigs and public events.

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