Christmas 2021 Love To All With A New Holiday CD!

My labor of love for this Christmas season!

It was hard to decide should I or shouldn’t I produce a Christmas album with everything that was going on with the pandemic.  Then, I realized yes, we need this music, especially this year!  The project began in June and was completed the end of August.  My wonderful musical partners and I spread out in the studio masked up and made it happen.  The artful arrangements from my long time pianist and good friend Brad Williams combined with other stellar arrangements from another musical pal, David Pierce (Deep Ears Music) made this album come to life in ways I never imagined.  I had the concepts and they brought the music to life along with the (17 yes ) seventeen musicians playing on this project.  Coordinating everyone’s schedules in the studio for three weeks was in itself a feat !   I hope you enjoy these songs.  You can read more about them below.   I even have an original song from my singer – songwriter- pianist pal – Jeanie Perkins. You can stream the CD from your favorite platform like Spotify or even download them from Apple or Amazon.  I’m still old school so I love having the physical CD.

You can check it all out HERE.



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