Counting To Ten …THREE


   By Carolyn Lee Jones                   

CREATIVITY CAN NOT BE FORCED!  Did any of you set lofty goals for 2018? It’s March already, I’m feeling a self induced pressure to achieve.  Well…guess what? It doesn’t work for the creative process! Being able to take a step step back and let things flow is sometimes difficult, especially for us A types. Just Breathe! LOLOK, here’s whats been going on so far … as I take that step back for a moment I realize that I’ve really achieved quite a few of my “creative” goals for 2018.

Big Band Singing has been on my wish list for a while. I intend to do a lot more of it!  HINT if you know of anyone wanting a big band or a big band singer for any event call me. I’ve got the players and the charts. The great Sarah Vaughn was happiest with 20 pieces or more behind her (including strings). In January I took the financial plunge and have a great beginning for my own “big band book” of arrangements. Including a few Julie London charts from her early recordings which I’ll be singing this month!   I’m thrilled to say that on March 14th I, along with 4 other Women of Jazz, will be performing in a SOLD OUT show with the Pecos River Brass Big Band led by arranger John C Smith. With me or better yet I with them are; Sandra Kaye (back from 6 years singing in China), the remarkable Heather Patterson (a Sammons Jazz Performer of The Year), Pam Musgrove (Pop,Blues, Musical Theater Diva) and Diana Sharp (Pecos’ very own talented sultry lead vocalist).

Next …release new singles… last month in Counting to TEN …TWO you’ll see that I released SISTER SADIE. (check it out and download from my music page) and I’m working on two other singles to be recorded and released this spring.  Really excited!

Record a new CD …in celebration of my 10th year in music. Get it? Counting to TEN… aka …this blog! The month of May seems to be wide open with only a couple of gigs so I think the universe is telling me that SPACE has been opened up to be creative preparing for a CD recording.  I’ve visited new studios and met the recording engineers.

I’m grateful and happy to be doing what I love!  Of course it takes some focus and a certain amount of organization to keep things moving but CREATIVITY is a beautiful thing and should be allowed to happen when it’s ready!   Till next month…“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein