Counting to TEN … ONE…

By Carolyn Lee Jones

I’m counting to TEN and as January comes to a close it’s ( # 1 ) of course. Why am I counting to TEN you ask? Because, 2018 is a celebratory year. To be more specific, October 28, 2018 ( Month #10 )  is when I begin my 10th year as a full time jazz-pop vocalist. Yes, I’m living my other dream of singing full time. This is after a very rewarding career as a buyer traveling the world for Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers. When I traveled to NYC as a buyer, I sang in some wonderful cabaret rooms and entertained my business associates in the evenings. I loved and still love the creative process. Whether it was then creating exclusive merchandise or  now planning my music events, CD covers or brainstorming on how to sing a particular song being creative is what makes me happy.

I hope that you’ll share in this creative process with me each month. I’ll put you on my email list for performances, events , announcements and special recording projects.
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In the mean time, as I begin to count to ten
here is a  2012 CD release from the a cappella group I was privileged to be in for 5 years.       THE NEW COLLECTION  I have only a few physical copies left $12.00 each.
(GO here to listen and hopefully purchase). You’ll be helping me fund my new CD this year!   Looking forward to seeing you at some of my shows as I count to TEN.  Big hug! Carolyn