Counting to TEN…NINE

By Carolyn Lee Jones

Today is the last day of September ! As the song goes… see you in September ..see you when the summer’s through. I think this month flew by and I didn’t see many of you!  From a vacation gone awry (yes we were at The Outer Banks of N.C.) and had to fly home a week early, to beginning a kitchen remodel, catching a cold from singing in the rain (the temperature dropped 20 degrees) and being laid up for a week with no voice well, all I can say is …it’s almost October.  A NEW fresh start.

But the great news there is I’ve been COUNTING TO TEN and you know what that means! Yes, my 10 year anniversary full time in music. I have a wonderful evening planned for friends old and new but more on that later!

The highlight that ended this month was singing with a 20 pc. big band DCJB ( Dallas Christian Jazz Band ) for a musical Sunday morning church service. Quite different !My BFF is the pianist for this group and recruited me last year to join them. I told them straight out what my limitations might be but they have embraced me with open arms. This band is jazz all the way with great arrangements. From Woody Herman’s the Preacher to Andre’ Crouch or a little Gershwin to an inspirational arrangement I’m having done for the band of Johnny Mercer’s Ac-cen-tu-ate The Positive.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I went in to the studio and recorded 4 new tunes , 2 that I’ll be releasing for the big TEN party the end of October.  My Fresh Vintage Jazz Ensembles are alive and well with lots of great events coming up for the next three months.  That’s it for now!

I thought you’d get a kick out of a throw back VINTAGE photo of me from 1972! Till next month ….I’m COUNTING TO TEN!