Counting To Ten…FOUR

  By Carolyn Lee Jones

VARIETY Is The Spice Of Life! 

Last month was so much fun singing with PECOS RIVER BRASS big band and The Women Of Jazz.  It was a huge success and we’re planning to do it again in the fall !  

It’s April and National Jazz Appreciation Month!  In it’s 14th year world wide begun by the Smithsonian.  In Dallas it’s called DJAM or Dallas Jazz Appreciation Month.  I have had the privilege of performing with many great musicians in the Dallas and Fort Worth area these past 9 years and always like to promote this annual event within my own gigs too.

As I count to TEN, April of course being number FOUR, it shows me again why I’m in this business.   With my FRESH VINTAGE DUO & TRIO this month alone I have a wide variety of venues and people to make music with and to make music for!  From gorgeous independent living retirement communities, to a chocolatier, to a festival by the lake, it’s the variety that keeps me engaged and always thinking about music.  Each event requires thoughtfulness on what music to sing.  Each audience is different.  Each venue has its own particular vibe!  

I’m working on two possible CD releases for October and December to be recorded beginning in July!  Pretty exciting and yes, a lot of work and planning to be finished.

One of my goals this year, as I count to TEN, is to become very comfortable performing with just guitar and bass.  It’s such an open sound and requires all three participants to really be aware of each other. To give this a label I’m calling it my Fresh Vintage Trio. As a vocalist I have to be to be in solid control of my melody and its variations.  I’ve been able to play with some wonderful guitarists and I’m well on my way to achieving nirvana.   Did I say that ?  

I’d love seeing you at one of my public events!  It’s always reassuring to see my friends.   That lake event I mentioned is an all day affair with over 12 various bands and musicians performing.   You can check it all out here!              Or if you love a variety of chocolates and nice wines check this lovely little place out!  Here are the names of the musicians I’m performing with this month!  What VARIETY! Tommy DeSalvo (p) Todd Parsnow (g) Troy Chun (b) Jeffry Eckels (b)Hans York (g) Peter Rioux (p) Corentin Le Hir (b) Brad Williams (p) Roland Elbert (p) Sergio Pamies (p) Lynn Seaton (b) no drummers this month hmm.. got to change that!  See you soon & remember …VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!