Counting To Ten…FIVE

  By Carolyn Lee Jones


In 2000 I was having one of those “ big birthdays” and decided that before I was “too old”, I’d leave the corporate world to become a singer and lead a band.  That was my INTENTION. For 8 years, I lead a double life working for luxury retailers while studying music and doing an occasional performance in NYC and Dallas.   

For that “big birthday” I threw myself a grand party, sang with a band for the first time, hired the musicians (led by Julie Bonk aka Nora Jones’ jazz piano teacher), got 12 charts together to sing, bought two gorgeous gowns, recorded the evening, my niece videoed the show, invited 80 friends and family came and away we went. ACTION.  Zoom forward to October 28, 2008 …I left the retail world – yep downsized – and I’ve not looked back! THE DREAM began.

What is my INTENTION now?  Counting to Ten, October will begin my 10th year as a full time musician.  Coming from a  retail and marketing background, I’ve always been event driven, which gives me the perfect excuse to throw another party to celebrate maybe with one of the big bands!  It’s also time for another recording session.  Might be LIVE. These things take time to plan so I’ve begun this month to brainstorm.  Four recording projects already sketched out sitting on my desk!  

What intention do you have?  What’s your dream?  Take action! 

Life’s too short not to!