By Carolyn Lee Jones

There’s an old expression …at sixes and sevens with you.”At sixes and sevens” is an English Idiom used to describe a condition of confusion or disarray dating back to the 1300’s. I guess that’s what happened to me in June and now, it’s July. Although, I wasn’t confused or disorganized, just busy and having a very good time.  

The phrase appears in a few songs, including “ Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from the musical Evita, “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain” from Tears For Fears, and “Playing With Fire” by Stereo MCs.  The eleventh studio album from Strange Music front man Tech 9ne was entitled “All 6’s and 7’s”. The song “Sixes and Sevens” was co written and sung by Robert Plant. It also appears in the Rolling Stones’ song “Tumbling Dice”. There is an album by Norwegian gothic metal band Sirena called At Sixes and Sevens (including a song with the same name) where this phrase is used in several songs. 

So now what?  I’m looking towards TEN…October …the 10th month and it’s getting closer and closer to my TEN year mark in music.  My friends ask me why am I so focused on doing another CD & recording it live. The answer is …I’m event driven.  It could be due to my 30 years in retailing but  honestly,  I simply get a kick out of working towards a goal or an goal for an event that is unique.  Call me crazy but I love it. 

This blog has been a nice way to think about each month in life & music, focus towards the celebrations in October and November and set new goals for 2019 where I’ll be well into the 10th year.  I still intend to take my cabaret – jazz shows on the road.  There is no confusion about this scenario! It will happen.  

Till then stay cool ….with the music and the summer heat! Cheers