By Carolyn Lee Jones

It’s February and Valentines Day is over but love continues! I recently had a show all about love… good,bad and indifferent. It was a wonderful evening and the audience had a good time with a bit of call and response to Alright,Okay You Win and Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Ma Baby.  Then to really mix things up, I sang a few pop jazzed tunes from my current CD such as Midnight At The Oasis with an R+B groove and Moondance in a very fast latin style.  I let our Latin Mexican American drummer Lupe’ set the groove and tempo WOWEE.  It was burning!

As I look forward, I also look back. I thought in celebration of counting to ten …TWO …and it being Valentines month, you might enjoy a new single release.  THIS IS A PREVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT!  It’s a jazz tune from Horace Silver with solos sung by me and my pal Ev with the group I mentioned last month, The New Collection.   We never released any of the album in 2015 as singles or downloads.  When I was developing my ideas for the year, I decided this would be the perfect song for February.  SISTER SADIE was a mean chick and she thought that she was real slick. Then she met Alfonso Brown & naturally, I hope you will visit this song on my web site, CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon or you can stream it from Spotify!  It should be up and running on iTunes and Spotify in a few days till then check it out on CD Baby.          MUCH LOVE & BIG HUG as we continue to celebrate LOVE,  Carolyn

P.S.  Do you like me as a blonde? It’s a wig!

By Carolyn Lee Jones

I’m counting to TEN and as January comes to a close it’s ( # 1 ) of course. Why am I counting to TEN you ask? Because, 2018 is a celebratory year. To be more specific, October 28, 2018 ( Month #10 )  is when I begin my 10th year as a full time jazz-pop vocalist. Yes, I’m living my other dream of singing full time. This is after a very rewarding career as a buyer traveling the world for Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers. When I traveled to NYC as a buyer, I sang in some wonderful cabaret rooms and entertained my business associates in the evenings. I loved and still love the creative process. Whether it was then creating exclusive merchandise or  now planning my music events, CD covers or brainstorming on how to sing a particular song being creative is what makes me happy.

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In the mean time, as I begin to count to ten
here is a  2012 CD release from the a cappella group I was privileged to be in for 5 years.       THE NEW COLLECTION  I have only a few physical copies left $12.00 each.
(GO here to listen and hopefully purchase). You’ll be helping me fund my new CD this year!   Looking forward to seeing you at some of my shows as I count to TEN.  Big hug! Carolyn